Hear from Our Satisfied Clients


Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

Pacific Beach Acupuncture and Wellness

benefited from our holistic approach to healing and wellness.

Explore the experiences of our valued clients and discover how Pacific Beach Acupuncture and Wellness has made a positive impact on their health, well-being, and quality of life.

Justin W

“I’ve seen Dr Jackie for years now. She has helped me get better sleep, helped reduced my shoulder pain, reduced stress. The list goes on. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Clif S

“Jackie was my first acupuncture doctor ever. She was kind and caring and really walked me through the whole process. She made sure I was relaxed and comfortable and made the whole treatment pleasurable. The needles didn’t hurt and overall, it was just a wonderful experience. I will be back!”

Mike D

“For over six months I had been doing intense physical therapy on my knee for a bad case of IT Band Syndrome — and had plateaued out.  My massage therapist suggested seeing Dr. Jackie.  I had never done acupuncture before and I’ve been stunned at the results.  I cannot recommend Dr. Jackie enough and she has me back to a point I will soon be able to resume running after being sidelined for two years.”

Jen M

“I recently had an appointment with Jackie and let me tell you she is the best! My acupuncture session was so relaxing and I rested so well that evening! Thank you! Can’t wait to see you again!”

Shalonda H

“I had my first ever acupuncture session with Dr. Jackie. I did not really know what to expect, and I was afraid it would hurt. Dr. Jackie was explained everything. She was very attentive and calming. It actually was not a painful experience at all. It was quite relaxing, and it helped with some of the muscle tightness that I was experiencing in different areas. I have been back several times now and would recommend her to anyone.”

Chris C

“Best of the best if you are stressed. Dr. Jackie is a wizard. she has treated many of my friends and clients and all have nothing but great things to say. Highly recommend.”

Alex G

“Jackie is  very knowledgeable, kind, and provides great customer service. I always feel much better after visits with her.”

Laura W.

“As a fellow acupuncturist, I have the utmost respect for Dr. Jackie’s professionalism, expertise, and reliability. Her extensive knowledge and skillset of holistic health modalities sets her apart from other practitioners. She is a very kind and gentle practitioner, and you will feel so safe and cared for in her hands! I would highly recommend working with Dr. Jackie to help you achieve your wellness goals.”

Ashton V

“Dr. Jackie is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about acupuncture and other eastern medicines. I highly recommend her clinic.”

Diana A

“I’ve been going to Dr. Jacky for a while now for my PCOS, some tummy troubles, and just to get a bit of relaxation in my hectic work life. Honestly, she’s been amazing. Every time I have an appointment, it feels like a mini-break for me. Dr. Jacky has this way of making everything feel so calm and easy.

Her skills with acupuncture are top-notch. I’ve really noticed a difference with my abdominal pain and my digestion’s been way better. Plus, she’s helping me manage my PCOS symptoms, which is a huge relief.

Dr. Jacky is super attentive and genuinely caring. She always makes sure I’m comfortable and tailors the treatment to exactly what I need.

If you’re looking for some pain relief or just need to hit the pause button and relax, I’d totally recommend Dr. Jacky. She’s got this magic touch that just makes you feel better, inside and out.”

Theresa Keeney

“Dr. Jackie is awesome! This was my first time trying acupuncture and she made the process seamless and easy. I was a little nervous around needles but she was patient and explained what I should and shouldn’t feel, which took away any anxiety. I’ve been going to her for a few months now and enjoy my sessions.”

Evan Hoffman

“I went to Jackie’s acupuncture for my chronic sciatic on lower back from yoga practice. She took me in immediately to start treatment even on the weekend. I felt so much better with just first session and went back in for another just two weeks after. Every time my sciatic pain gets better and better. I recommend her acupuncture and cupping technique to nerve and muscle treatments.”

Glenn Camus

“Jackie has sent my lower back pain to the recycle bin and lower back is pain free. Left shoulder was injured about 4 months ago by over reaching for something, treatment is providing relief for that condition as well. while not completely pain free yet mobility has improved at least 70 %… expect more improvement with time”

Amanda Abruzzo

“I have seen Dr. Jackie a few times now for back and shoulder pain. I was apprehensive bc I don’t like needles, she was so gentle and took her time. I can say I didn’t really feel the needles like I thought I would. The best part is the cupping she offers! I recommend Dr. Jackie to everyone!”

Brie Lee

“Feeling good as new. Dr.Jackie was very intuitive and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I love that she does acupuncture, cupping, and massage. It’s a game changer! Slept through the night like a baby! Definitely coming back again soon.”

Amy LaRoche

“My go-to acupuncturist!! Dr. Jackie has supported me so much with my on-the-go lifestyle. I love seeing her for cupping and acupuncture to ease the big tension knots I get from the busy lifestyle I live and the heavy workouts I do. I’ve noticed I’ve been able to sleep better and more comfortably after sessions with her.”

I’d give more than 5 stars if I could!!

“Dr. Jackie Adamcewicz is the best and I highly recommend her for your acupuncture needs! I’ve been to her a number of times and always leave feeling like a new person…and then sleep better than ever!”

TestimonialSean Vent


“I see Dr.Jackie regularly for acupuncture and fire-cupping. Aches and pains that were once seemingly unmanageable have all but disappeared thanks to her, and there aren’t enough stars for the services she provides.”

Dr.Jackie regularly for acupuncture and fire-cupping
Dr.Jackie regularly for acupuncture and fire-cupping